Indian Driving

How many of you know driving? I guess almost about 80% of people know driving, whether it may be Cycle, Bike, Car, Truck, Bus or any other means of transport. Everybody enjoys riding/driving. But, how many of them drive properly by following the traffic rules? I guess there are very few. Don’t think that I am here to tell you about the traffic rules and how to follow them, because we have traffic police and RTO for that. So I won’t bore you with those stuffs, instead I am here to express my feelings/thoughts about Indian driving mentality.

I have no idea about the traffic or how people drive in other big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata etc but I have seen Bengaluru from past 10 years. The traffic here is increasing year by year like increase in the engineering graduates every year. People get really crazy while driving. They don’t know when they should stop, when to horn, whether it is one way or two way. Nothing matters to them. What matters is they are going somewhere and all the people on the road should give them way as if they are driving an ambulance. My main focus here is on 2-wheelers, Auto-rickshaw and private buses. Two-wheeler drivers just need a space of a walking man to pass through and auto drivers assume that they are driving a bicycle and they follow the path of two-wheelers. How small is the area doesn’t matter to them, what matters is they should go first compared to others no matter what. On the other side, there are these great private buses or tempo whatever you call them. I don’t have enough words to describe them. They seriously don’t care about people’s time and their ears 😮 . They stop their buses in the middle of the road without bothering about other vehicles. Please dont horn on them, because their drivers are deaf. One more advice is if you think of commuting in that bus then make sure you have extra 2hrs with you because they won’t move until their bus is full. And as I said the drivers are deaf, they assume their passengers are also deaf and play the TV at ultrasonic sound. Ya, that’s indian mentality and they will never change. Moving to our main topic.

So, why everybody wants to overtake everybody? Are they in any kind of race? I am sure everyone will be having their own work to do but why the urgency? What if something happens on the way? Do they don’t want that work to be done? In the evening, after the day off everybody will be heading to their respective home. But why hurry? Drive slowly to reach home safely. Is someone out there giving you medal if you reach your home in minimum time? If everybody drives properly then you can avoid the unnecessary traffic jam which will save more time as there will be some mannerism in everybody’s driving. Even though we are driving properly few people come out of nowhere and leave you behind. Which gold mine are these people going to dig with that speed? For few people traffic lights are just colours which they studied in school. For them red, yellow, green are meant for non-veg, eggitarian and veg items. Few people are so restless while driving, that they start using the most important part of the vehicle, no not brakes, it’s horn. They think horn is a multi-functional device which does both the function of sound and accelerator. When people can give you way with your continuous honking and accelerator, then why the hell brakes were inserted in vehicle? They just don’t know.  And the green signal in traffic lights is directly proportional to the horn in the vehicle. They just start blowing themselves off when they see green signal. Driver has nothing to do with this, it is automatic. Why to make the irritating sound unnecessarily people? Nobody is interested to stay at signal once the signal is green. Everybody is busy in their work. 5-10sec of patience won’t harm you. Horns are provided to use only when necessary and not to use them as substitute for everything. Now, do you have any idea whether Indians know the meaning of one way and two way? I think our India is educated enough to differentiate between them. By going in the wrong way you are creating trouble to others who are in correct direction and causing unnecessary traffic. You take short cut to save time, but because of you, people who follow traffic rules lose their time.

Few reasons for such driving according to my analysis are that people might be late for whatever work they are going for or few may be doing it for stunt or show-off purpose. For such filmy guys I don’t have anything to say except “Please don’t do such things” because that understanding should come from within and cannot be forced into mind. For them, bad experiences will be their teacher. But for the people who drive fast in order to cover the delayed time I want to give some advice. I understand that sometimes people get late and they need to hurry and when they use this as an excuse, they hear a very familiar sentence  “Why didn’t you leave early or Try to leave early next time”. But practically, being a human being it is impossible to do everything at defined time on daily basis. So my point is, nothing is more important than your life, so whatever important work that might be, never ever rush or hurry. If you are late, utmost what might happen? You may lose a job, or miss a flight/train/bus, or lose huge amount of money, or have a breakup, but still you will be having your life with you. If you hurry and something bad happens, then it is as equal as losing the job, missing flight, losing money and permanent breakup. I am not being negative here, but life is full of surprises and is  unpredictable so you never know what is there in your destiny. Always safety comes first, then comes the other things. 

I am uncertain regarding the improvement of our country with reference to traffic and driving, but at least I expect from the people who are reading this blog to comprehend and try to follow the things which I mentioned. Following proper traffic rules will just take extra 5-10mins of your time but it will be worth it for your own good as well as for the country’s betterment. Change is within us. Let us be a part of change of future India. Thank you for reading. 🙂