Bengaluru to Frankfurt

I was nervous, excited, tempted and getting butterflies in my stomach as the time to take off to germany was nearing. All the boarding processes were finished by 8:30 PM. I was roaming inside the airport to kill the time and calling closed ones to say goodbye for two months. And to show off I had to put facebook status that I am travelling to germany and I am very excited and bla bla. Then at 9:10 PM there was an announcement that boarding gate for my flight was open. So, finally I was going to board the flight alone for the 1st time. I entered the plane, searched my seat (window seat 🙂 ) and got settled. At 10:10 PM, I watched outside my window to get a beautiful night view of bengaluru as the plane took off.

I had a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi at 2 AM (Indian time- 4:30 AM). The plane landed in Abu Dhabi at 12:40 AM (Indian time – 3:10 AM). I hurried through the transfers and finished the security check and waited at my gate to board my next flight. It was around 1:10 AM. Meanwhile, I connected to wifi and started checking my facebook notifications :P. Then a call was made to board the flight to Frankfurt. I got into the plane and again sat in my window seat. (I love window seat 🙂 ). I was feeling very sleepy, when a girl came and sat next to me. I think she was German or french, I am not sure. She was accompanied by her male friend who sat in the next row where there will be three seats. After few minutes of settling, she requested me whether I can exchange seats with her friend so that they can sit together. I thought for half a min, giving away my fav window seat and sitting in the middle…hmm…then I thought, if i was in her place and if someone had done that for me I would be so thankful to them. Seeing me thinking, she added, “Only if you don’t mind”. Then I said “Ok, no problem”. Her friend thanked me saying “Its so nice of you, thank you very much.”. I went and sat next to an old couple, who, I can say for sure were Germans, and were smiling at me for exchanging the seats. I gave a smile back and sat in my boring seat. The plane took off at 2 AM and this time I couldn’t get the beautiful view of Abu Dhabi. I watched some telugu movie (don’t remember the name.) then I slept off. I landed into Deutschland at 7’o clock in the morning 🙂

I was super excited to be in the country once I had dreamt of. I wanted to go outside airport as soon as possible and see how Germany looks in real after hearing from so many people. I connected to airport wifi, and msged my husband that I have reached. Once the immigration and baggage collection was done, I finally stepped out of the airport and stood there for a moment to feel the cold air. I was tired from the journey of almost 13hrs. There were some 4 to 5 taxis standing in a row in front of me, I went to the taxi which was straight in front of me. I went to the driver and showed him the address which my husband had sent in whatsapp. With the expression on his face I could make out that he was unsure of the place. He did not answer and went and opened the trunk of the car. I was unsure of the response whether it was yes or no. So I stood there for a min and again asked him “Are you coming?”. He just nodded and I took my bag near to car and he helped me in putting the bag inside the trunk. I had heard that, in abroad even taxi drivers use high end cars. I was in a hurry so forgot to see in which high end car I am going to sit. The car was moving fast and smoothly as the roads were very nice and was feeling weird by seeing less traffic 😉 . I was enjoying the ride by looking outside the window when I remembered that the driver was a bit confused about the address. So I asked him again, whether he knows the address exactly. He told me to show it once again. This time I showed him the letter from the hotel. Then he seemed to be okay. After about 15mins of riding, I saw my husband standing near a corner of the road, he seemed a bit tensed. I was delighted to see him after a month. I waved him through the window. Then the driver gave a halt in front of the hotel and my husband came running behind the car. I gave the taxi fare and said thank you to driver and got down. First thing I did after getting down the car was seeing in which car I came. 😛 . It was Mercedes-Benz. 😀 . I felt royal after knowing that 😛 . Then we headed towards hotel room.

I had expected the room to be like the ones which they showon TV or movies. Reality struck me when I entered the room. When the doors were opened, I entered directly into the kitchen and opposite to it was bathroom, and attached to the bathroom wall outside, there was a big mirror. As I passed by, I checked myself in the mirror, which is obviously human nature 😛 . I was looking terrible. Then I entered inside the hall/bedroom/room (whatever you call it) which was quite big. There were around 3 big cupboards on the left side and double bed on the right side. Straight in front of me was a big window, almost equal to one side of wall, near to window there were 2 plastic chairs and 2 sofa type chairs and a round table. At the right corner of the room was a study/computer table which was quite big. A CRT TV was placed next to the study table. It was 9 AM, and I was so exhausted and desperately needed some sleep. Once I settled down and got familiar with the room, my husband left for office. I needed some sleep more than food. So, once he was gone, I took a warm shower and jumped onto bed and immediately went to deep sleep. I was woken up by hunger at 3 PM 🙂  

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