Maggi – Mood spoiler

I had heard a lot about Germany/Europe from my friends, colleagues, relatives etc. I had in my mind that when I am around 40 yrs I will go on Europe tour but I never expected that I will go to Germany so soon. After a lot of struggling I got my visa to go to Germany. (yay!!). My flight was on Sunday, Apr 2nd, 2017 at 9:40pm. I had got a small list from my husband to carry few things for him, who was already in Germany. He had given very small list because the Ethihad Airways had a baggage limit of only 23kgs (too less 😦 ).

There was no weighing machine in our house. My brother enquired about it near our house at paper selling store. They said they have weighing machine and they will weigh for us. We had enquired about it on the day of leaving and the guy did not show up till 5pm. It was getting late for us, so me and my brother weighed it by lifting the bag with hand and approximately calculated that it won’t be more than 23kgs . I had just packed only the important things. My husband wanted me to bring lot of maggi packets, but as I was unaware of my bag weight I did not take any extra items along with me. We took a cab and arrived to airport at 6:30pm. There was a weighing machine outside the airport and we weighed my bag there. To our surprise, the weight of my bag was just 19kgs!! This made me very upset as I could have brought so many other things and esp maggi packets which was item no. 1 in my husband’s list. I was thinking why dint we enquire about the weighing machine 2 or 1 day before. I was regretting so much and I informed my husband about this and he also became upset, as this was the only chance for him to get what he wants from India. All my excitment to go to germany was gone. It was 6:40pm and my reporting time was 7:40pm. I was desparetly searching for some shops in or near by airport if we get maggi packets. If not anything from the list, atleast we can get maggi packets. Seeing me in tension, my brother asked shall I go and bring from any nearby store outside the airport area? It was impossible to go out, search shops and come back in one hour. We searched in google for nearby stores and the nearest shop was in sadahalli gate which was approx 7 KM from airport. But going in this evening traffic and coming back was highly impossible. As we were running out of time, hastily we took the decision and my brother booked a cab and left in hurry to sadahalli gate.

I was sitting there alone in tension worrying about whether my bro will reach on time or not. Then at around 7’o clock I got call from my brother. I was so happy that finally we made it and he is on his way back. But, he said that there is too much of traffic and his cab has not even crossed the airport area and it is not possible to reach and come back by 7: 40pm. He also told that it doesnt make any sense to come back to airport as it will simply cost cab charges and also it was one way, so to come back to airport by taking U- turn, it will be around 7:30pm. So we will get only 10mins to meet. So he decided to continue the same ride to home and that was the only sensible thing to do. So he said goodbye in phone itself and it was like literally of no use of him coming till airport as he couldnt spend even 5min properly with me.

Then there I was, standing alone in airport with nobody on my side to say me goodbye while I board flight alone for the first time. I was very sad and was cursing myself so much that why dint I weigh the bag before itself or why dint I just bring the things what I needed. That was a very foolish decision to let go my brother to get maggi packets. I was regretting so much for my stupidity. All my excitement to go to germany was gone. There is a saying which goes as “Whatever happens, happens for a good reason “. I dont know for what good reason did this incident happen but I will never forget this incident in my life. With a heavy heart I entered inside airport to check-in at 7: 40pm.

At last I want to say one thing : Take whatever and how much ever you want along with you while travelling by plane but make sure you have someone with you to give back few stuffs if it is exceeding the baggage limit or in simple words always weigh your bag before leaving to airport . πŸ™‚ I know it is a very basic thing which everybody knows but this is an example of what may happen if you dont weigh. πŸ˜›

P.S. – From here my solo journey to Germany began which i will update in my next blog.

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