Why Blogging?

Dear readers, as you continue reading this blog you will know that this is my first blog ever. So I may be bad in this but gradually I will cope up as its never late to learn anything. So Why am I blogging? Even I am wondering the same 😛 . Truly speaking I never imagined that I will be doing ‘this’ at some point of time in my life. So let me tell you the story.

My brother, has his own blogging page since past 7 years. From childhood, I have always admired him of his intelligence, his cleverness and innovative thinking (no jealousy there, I mean it.). So for me, him writing a blog was just normal because he is intelligent, he can do anything. Blogging is only for clever people like him. And I was a little less bright student from beginning, so I never thought of doing such a brainy thing. Then why now? Let me tell you.

Whenever I used to hear somebody saying, “Hey, this is my new blog, please do read it” or “I have started to write blogs” I used to think, how the heck do these people get time to think so much or from where do they get the blogging contents or the ideas. Its like 6 out of 10 are into blogging. This is supposed to be intelligent people’s thing. :-o.

So, I am in a train going to Paris with my husband and he tells me “I have always thought of blogging about my travel experience, wish I had done that 😦 Even my sister loves to write.” (Oh no, everybody around me wants to write). My husband is a lover of solo travelling and he wants to travel the whole world. So he dint had time to do what he loves. That struck in my mind. Why I cannot write? Here I am sitting in Germany taking a break from my professional life doing nothing. This is a very precious time, not everybody gets this much of time for free. Utilize it. It is all yours. Oh! Hold on, this is supposed to be for bright students, not me. What will I write? How to start? Who will help me? Then I thought, Why cant I write one? I am no more the dull student I used to be. I have the capability to do whatever I want to do. I have enormous time to think and do research.

So the day I came back from Paris, I started to read all about blogging, how to start, what to do and read my brother’s blogs. So, it was easy, anyone can do it. Pick a topic you are more familiar about and start putting your views about it into sentences. And that is how I am writing my first blog ever which is now almost finished. And I have lot of topics in my mind to write about. So let me put those into your minds too.

I don’t know if you enjoyed reading my story on why I started blogging, but if you are reading this very sentence then am sure you wanted to know the reason of my blog title 😉

Thank you for your precious time. Liked it or not let me know with your comments 🙂

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